Grading Forms - Training

The Reading Centre at Moorfields Eye Hospital is taking a ground up approach to training graders by developing online forms. Please find further information below of Grading Forms that will assist you with your.

Grading Form 01 - sets 1-4

Each of these sessions will take approximately one and a half hours to complete. You are advised to allow yourself enough time, as partial completion will not be accepted. The results will only be prossessed if the session is finished in one sitting. Choose the Grading you want to do by clicking on the link.

Grading Form 02 - Interim Training Set 1-12

There is currently no Interim Training set available for grading. Please check again, we are working on putting these up soon.

External Quality Assurance Test

There is currently no EQA set available for grading.


We would appreciate your feedback on how you found using the forms and if there are any suggestions or improvements we can make to enhance your user experience.

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