Session 2:

Diabetes mellitus and its complications

Key issues for discussion

  • Definition of diabetes mellitus
  • Types of diabetes mellitus
  • Current medical management of diabetes mellitus
  • Current surgical management (islet cell transplant)
  • Acute complications of diabetes mellitus: hypo and hyperglycaemia
  • Chronic complication of diabetes mellitus: micro- and macrovascular

Learning outcome

  • Identify types of diabetes and appropriate management strategies
  • Identify and able to deal with acute complications especially hypoglycaemia
  • Able to discuss micro- and macrovascular complications competently

Pathogenesis of diabetic eye disease

Key issues for discussion

  • Discuss details of pathogenesis of diabetic eye disease
  • Discuss the importance of good diabetes and blood pressure control

Learning outcome

  • Able to discuss factors associated with the development and progression of diabetic eye disease

Classification of diabetic eye disease (lecture and workshop)

Key issues for discussion

  • Discuss issues related to diabetes and diabetic retinopathy
  • Discuss key features of diabetic retinopathy
  • Discuss the grading systems for diabetic retinopathy and develop an understanding of the severity scale of the diseases

Learning outcome

  • Develop knowledge related to classification of diabetic retinopathy
  • Use critical appraisal while discussing the features of grading systems in use
  • Apply the grading system knowledge to teaching slides on diabetic retinopathy

Before the final exam:

Interview two patients with diabetes who you have to care for during your screening activity: one patient with Type 1 and one patient with Type 2 diabetes.

Summarise what you have learned from the interviews: how patients were diagnosed, how they manage their diabetes, diabetes related complications, diet, exercise, family history, hospitalisations and any other relevant information you have learnt from the patients. Ask the patient about their knowledge of the disease and critically appraise the information obtained and outline a management plan.

Detailed grading for "Grading slides part 02" should be handed in.

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