Session 5:

This is a practical session. After reading the appropriate ophthalmic literature, you may wish to attend a Medical Retina Clinic, preferably with consultants who will be treating the patients referred from screening. This will enhance the understanding between the screening and clinics and will clarify certain steps of the protocol. It also helps you to answer patient’s concerns and questions about what happens at an Eye Clinic.

Ophthalmic examination methods

Key issues for discussion

  • Discuss the importance of precise use of ophthalmic examination methods Discuss history taking
  • Discuss the importance of precise visual acuity testing
  • Discuss examination techniques for the outer part of the eye and the ocular adnexae
  • Discuss examination at the slit lamp and the different examination techniques to be carried out there
  • Discuss measuring intraocular pressure
  • Discuss the need for pupillary dilatation and its impact on the person’s vision
  • Discuss the techniques used for retinal examination
  • Discuss Fluorescein Angiography

Learning outcome

  • Identify the appropriate examination method for different diseases
  • Able to discuss the ophthalmic examination methods competently

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