Sessions 6 to 8:

These are practical sessions. Please organise these sessions either at your own screening programme or you can attend Mile End DR Screening or a mixture of these two screening opportunities. The aim of these sessions is that you have protected time to prepare for the practical exams of your NVQs. By the end of these sessions you might also have your portfolio of images ready for the Practice file of Unit 006 for your NVQ. If that is the case, MEH Reading Centre is prepared to critically evaluate your work in preparation for submission for your NVQ.

Preparing patients for screening and imaging the eye

Measuring visual acuity and performing pupil dilation

Ophthalmic photography: Fundus photography

Key issues for discussion

  • Discuss the use of photography in ophthalmology
  • Discuss techniques used for ophthalmic photography including stereo images
  • Discuss common photographic errors and their relevance to grading

Learning outcome

  • Able to identify stereo images
  • Able to identify artefacts and other common photographic errors
  • Able to make informed judgement on grading photographs with errors

Basic camera maintenance

Key issues for discussion

  • Discuss the camera to be used for screening
  • Discuss basic principles of camera maintenance and its impact on imaging

Learning outcome

  • Able to carry out basic camera maintenance

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